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Welcome fellow lions to my personal blog where insanity, stupidity, and creativity co-mingle into one majestic chain of posts. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave me a message if ya want!! :)


why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

dog: *barks*
me: chill


girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye



Just a warning, around the 23rd of August I’ll be posting a LOT of Doctor Who stuff so if you don’t like the show please just wait a few days after till I get back to my normal style of posts.

fuck that ill be posting doctor who nonstop all season sorry not sorry everyone needs to be exposed to this godly creation


memes i want back:

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y’all motherfuckers want a fire elsa so bad but you dont even realize that already exists



Lady GaGa - “Dance in the Dark”

"The record is about a girl who likes to have sex with the lights off, because she’s embarrassed about her body. She doesn’t want her man to see her naked. She will be free, and she will let her inner animal out, but only when the lights are out.

She doesn’t feel free without the moon. These lyrics are a way for me to talk about how I believe women and some men feel innately insecure about themselves all the time. It’s not sometimes, it’s not in adolescence, it’s always.

The song isn’t called ‘Dance in the Light,’ I’m not a gospel singer trying to cross people over. What I’m saying is, ‘I get it. I feel you, I feel the same way, and it’s OK.’”

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